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People on the spiritual path can often feel alone, Ingrid’s community provides a supportive spiritual environment for like-minded souls, where she offers monthly teachings, monthly Q&A sessions, book discussions, meditations, mindfulness practices and much more. 

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"It was a wonderful experience talking to Ingrid on pure consciousness. Her teachings are simple and direct that if somebody attentively listens to her with pure mind can understand the meaning of enlightenment. I recommend others in the spiritual path to listen to her enlightening message."  


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  • What happened to you during your near-death experience (NDE)?
    I drowned in a tank of frigid water, when I was almost three. At the beginning there was darkness since the tank was deep and very dark, and then a soft light, like the light of a candle was lit and it illuminated my whole watery surrounding, I saw bubbles surrounded by light which made me look around to find my lifeless body. I was then lifted and carried by flowers blooming from nowhere in a forward direction towards a very soft and soothing light. Next, I appeared at the maid's room and then saw my mom walking and running back home. This was followed by the scenery of the city streets, the people and the mountains; wherever, I put my mind I went until all of a sudden, I was engulfed by an absolute pure, intense and bright light. I realized that I was also made of that same pure bright light. I learned that before I was born as Ingrid I was a Being of Light and then the whole experience became very familiar to me. I became aware that this was not the first time I had been in the realm of the light. I had been there many other times and it felt like going back home. Note that everything I witnessed about the maid and my mom’s whereabouts were confirmed to me later.
  • Did you have any encounters with other beings?
    I sensed that I was not alone and felt the presence of other beings, but I could not see them. I sensed familiarity with these beings, but I only could see light. Only later when I started to communicate with Beings of Light I realized that they were the ones I sensed during my NDE.
  • How could you remember the experience since you were so young at the time?
    When I was out of my body and in the realm of the light I reached a state where I had absolute clarity of who I was in essence, and learned that I was a being made of pure bright light. Although I was too young at the time of the experience the level of clarity I gained made it impossible for me to ever forget the experience. I was also born as a very sick and fragile baby and was sick during my infancy. During the NDE I felt such a state of well being which caused such an impact in my mind that it made it impossible for me to forget. The contrast between being sick for three years and suddenly completely free from sickness was beyond anything I could forget. Besides, not long after I started to have out-of-body experiences that allowed me to go back to that same state as when I nearly died.
  • What was your level of consciousness and alertness during your NDE as compared to your normal everyday life?
    I was more conscious and alert than normal. I could hear, see and sense everything with absolute clarity. I could be anywhere at any time and I could comprehend and know things that I had never learned before in my short three years of life. I was one with everything. I was the essence of everything. There was no need of explanations.
  • Do you believe in an afterlife after your NDE?
    Yes, an afterlife definitely exists. I became aware that I had always existed and what was happening at that moment was normal. The whole experience was familiar to me; there was nothing to be fearful for. It was like returning home. At some point I became completely aware that I didn't have a defined form but I was still a being. I was completely alive. There is no death, there is only life.
  • What emotions did you feel during the experience?
    After I left my body I experienced a state bliss, peace, joy, freedom, well-being, amazement, and the more I advanced into the experience I felt absolute serenity. It is hard to explain but the more I was there the less I felt anything until there were no emotions. I experienced a state of nothingness (absence of color, form, sound, feeling or meaning).
  • Did you have a choice about returning?
    No, I never thought about coming back. When my mom pulled my lifeless body out of the water, several minutes had passed. My lips were blue, my body cold, my skin pale and I had no pulse. She was trained in CPR so she pushed her fingers into my little chest and blew air into my lungs until I began choking and gurgling. I don’t remember feeling anything when she was trying to revive me; by that time I was far away, merged into a blissful state of being. Suddenly I was falling, as if I had jumped from the top of the tallest high-rise in the world, feeling as if I was being sucked back into my body like it was a vacuum. Then came the return of the intense, agonizing cold, I knew that I was back.
  • Did you meet God?
    I didn't know the meaning of God before the NDE, but during the NDE and subsequent out-of body experiences (OBE) I experienced absolute bliss, love and joy beyond anything I had ever experienced in my human form and that is what I recognize as God.
  • During your experience, did you learn about love? "
    Yes, there was nothing that was not love. It is not the love that we know on earth. It doesn't have to do anything with feelings. It is a Universal principle. It is like when you cannot breath and now everything is air. It is the essence of everything. It is what we are. I don't know if I would call it love, or bliss, or peace, or oneness; it is simply an indescribable sense of belonging to everything, of being everything, of being at home.
  • You were so young when your NDE happened, how did it impact your childhood and your life in general?"
    The NDE affected my life greatly. The beginning of the awakening of my conscious awareness came to me the day I drowned in that tank of frigid water when I was almost three. During my NDE, I experienced myself as a Being of Light and realized that I was much more than my physical form. After returning I felt detached from my body and knew that my biological parents where not really my parents. I didn’t feel like a child anymore and preferred to be with adults. Soon after I started to have out-of-body experiences and to see and communicate with Beings of Light (BOL) and through time I discovered that I have extrasensory perception and psychic abilities that I have been able to use to access higher order wisdom to help others. But I have not done this alone I have been guided throughout my whole life by the BOL. However, my path has not been easy. For most of my life I felt different and alone and unable to relate with most people. When I was five the BOL said to me, “Someday your experience will talk for you.” Today the meaning of this message is clear to me, that my hardships are enabling me to relate and help others.



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