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Evidence of the Afterlife

Evidence of the Afterlife Episode #18 Ingrid Honkala Ph.D.

Ingrid was invited by best selling author Maverick Vardoger to shared the incredible journey that opened for her the path of self-awareness and love, starting with her NDE and followed by her other countless spiritual transformative experiences, and also by many challenges which all together opened the path of awareness, compassion and love for her and the people around her. During her interview she helped us see with clarity the open bridge between Science and spirituality by showing us that spirituality is not a belief. It’s science, because it's experiential. It’s drinking the orange juice, not describing the ingredients and how to make it.

Ingrid Honkala PhD, is a Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Master Scuba Diver, NASA and Navy Scientist, international lecturer, and a near-death experience. At the age of two, she had a near-death experience that radically changed her life. She is also the author of A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom. Her book details her amazing journey with the Beings of Light following her NDE.

Listen to the Podcast here:



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