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From Darkness to Light: Ingrid Honkala's Transformative Journey to Spiritual Awakening

Discover My Latest Interview on MysticMag

In this insightful interview with Luka Dragovic from MysticMag, I shared how my journey into spiritual writing began with a profound personal crisis. Experiencing a “dark night of the soul” and deep existential depression, I was pushed to seek answers to life’s most profound questions.

During this time, a critical moment occurred when... click here: Read the full interview on MysticMag.

In the interview, we explored several key aspects of my work:

  • What pivotal moment inspired you to share your spiritual journey and insights through writing?

  • I shared how my NDE became a turning point, leading me to understand the importance of sharing my experiences to help others on their spiritual journeys.

  • How do you incorporate your scientific background with your spiritual experiences in your teachings?

  • I discussed the unique blend of science and spirituality in my teachings, illustrating how my background as a marine scientist complements my spiritual insights.

  • Can you discuss the impact of your near-death experience on your life’s path and work?

  • The interview delves into the profound changes brought about by my NDE, shaping my life's mission and work.

  • How do you approach one-on-one coaching, and what transformation do you aim to bring to your clients?

  • I explained my coaching methodology, emphasizing how I help clients reconnect with their true selves, understand their purpose, and transform their lives.

  • What role do the Beings of Light play in your life and work, and how do you communicate their messages to others?

  • The interview covers the significant influence of the Beings of Light in my life and work, and how I convey their messages to those I work with.

  • Are there any upcoming projects or books you are currently working on that you can share with us?

  • I also shared some exciting upcoming projects and books that I am working on, offering a glimpse into what's next.

This interview was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my journey and share insights that I hope will inspire and help others.

To read the full interview and delve deeper into these topics, click here: Read the full interview on MysticMag.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my work. Your engagement means the world to me.

With Lots of LOVE. Om Shanti!




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