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Medicine & Religion 2021 Conference - Closing a Medical and Spiritual “Gap of Care” for Patients Who

Ingrid together with Rev. Peter Panagore, Dr. Diane Corcoran and Lilia Samoilo wrote two proposals to present at the Medicine & Religion 2021 Conference. Their proposal for a panel discussion with the topic titled: Closing a Medical and Spiritual “Gap of Care” for Patients who Experience Near-Death and Resuscitation was accepted. Medical professionals and clergy need to understand that these experiences are “real” to the patient and they are falling through the “gap of care” if their experiences are ignored, dismissed or misdiagnosed.

Closing a Medical and Spiritual “Gap of Care” for Patients Who Have Near-Death Experiences

Diane Corcoran, Ph.D., Retired US Army Col. and RN, and President of IANDS, International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) ; Dr. Ingrid Honkala, Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Master Scuba Diver, NASA and Navy Scientist, international lecturer, childhood near-death and spiritual transformative experiencer (NDEr and STEr); Lilia Samoilo has been a mental health and spiritual counselor for thirty-five years. She is a medical and spiritual intuitive, an international veteran NDE advocate/NDE educator, a co-associate of Dr. Corcoran’s Vet NDE Project, and a contributor for the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB) in their NDE Research Project; and Reverend Peter Baldwin Panagore, MDiv, Yale Divinity School, had his first near-death experience (NDE) in March of 1981, at twenty-one years old, while ice climbing.

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