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She indeed walks her talk. I admire how she focuses on solving problems in the most loving way, never staying at the level of the problem. Ingrid genuinely loves to help people, helping already so many. She is truly an amazing Light Worker!"

Lana Cagle

"Having Ingrid as a friend has been a blessing in my life. I greatly value her wisdom, and her perseverance is such an inspiration to me. She reminds me, “Let’s go slow because we’re in a hurry.” Well, Ingrid has to be the most effective, productive person I know. 

“God bless you because although you are a scientist, you can still see the light.” 


"The spiritual bond that exists between Ingrid and me is so strong that although we speak no more than twice a year and we have only been together in the same room two or three times in the last five years, we always feel each other’s presence. To the point that when we speak or meet it is as if we have never been apart. It is like time hasn’t passed, with her it is only here and now. Our bond is like one of spiritual siblings.

In this current life, our relationship goes all the way back to when we were teenagers. She appeared in my life during one of my most depressive and darkest moments, bringing light and hope. My gratefulness towards her and her mom, Olguita, is infinite, as they were my entrance to a conscious spiritual path from which I never returned back. As a result, I’m very happy with what I’ve done with myself so far. I’ve seen her grow to the great being that she is now, and I can’t thank the Universe enough for putting her in my life and somehow letting me be part of her process."

Santiago Mariño

“You are not only my daughter, you are my guide.”


Fabio Garcia

"When I met Ingrid, my personality was very dark — I was on my way to writing my own demonic resumé. But Ingrid burned that out of me, just by being the loving, kind and joyful person that she is. Today I am trying to follow her example. Little by little, I am learning to shine from within and bring a spark of light not just to those around me, but into some of the darkest areas of this earth."

Mike Honkala

"Dr. Ingrid Honkala's journey has not been easy, but as she is here to share with us the hardships of her journey, she is also here to show us the wonders that every challenge brings with it. She is one of the lucky human beings who has been able to acknowledge the guidance that has been offered to her along the way by celestial Beings of Light.


All of us can relate to her life story, the only difference is most of us don't FEEL or HEAR the support and guidance from the unseen. I believe it has always been there and all we need to do is ask for help from the unseen, be it angels, God, Jesus or Beings of Light."

Mary Marlow

Our lives have been filled  with challenges, which we have faced and waded together as one heart. We have shared pain, fear, loneliness, despair, but also enormous happiness, astonishments, joy and everything else that is part of living in this world as a human being. I couldn’t write in one paragraph what our sisterhood means to me, it is absolutely everything. I am extremely grateful to God, the Universe and my parents for giving me the opportunity to having her with me in my life. I can't express enough how much I love her, how proud I am of her and how grateful and joyful I am for being her sister. Thanks, thanks and thanks Sis for being one with me."

Lisbeth Garcia-Hansen

"I have always known that our siblings are part of us, part of our lives, and part of everything as a whole… having my sister has been more than that. It has been the fraternity, joy, pride, friendship and love, all encompassed together as one.

“Meeting you changed the course of my life, where I saw darkness now I see light.”



"I believe in souls, past lives, energy and angels, but above all I believe in you. I think that we are so alike that we can sense each other like twins do. I don’t believe in coincidences, I think that you and I came to this realm as part of each other, to help each other as equals. I don’t know for sure if we chose where to be born, but I am certain that we can choose whom we love, and I love you deeply as part of myself. Thanks Sis for sharing with me this magic and also sometimes tragic world. A world where there is so much I can’t understand, but thanks to the glasses filled with colors that you have given me I can always make the choice to see the world with different eyes. Somehow you make it easier!"

Fabiola Garcia-Hansen 

“You have been a blessing  in my life.”


The moment I meet Ingrid Honkala I sensed an undeniable surge of positive energy as it radiated outward from her inner core through a set of clear eyes and a wide smile.  So, it came as no surprise when she recently announced that she had taken her personal experiences and produced a book bursting with life lessons.  

Ingrid’s journey is one that many of us can relate to on a very real spiritual level – especially when we take the time to seek answers from within, using compassion, forgiveness and truth as our “Light.”

Brandon Maeda RN/MSO

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