Saturday With The Beings of Light

2nd Saturday of each Month @ 11:00 am CT / 12:00 pm ET

Online LIFE Event

As part of this new year I decided to create the way to keep more connected with you, so on the 2nd Saturday of each moth starting on January 2021, you can join my monthly mentoring class called: "Saturday With The Beings of Light," where I will be sharing my life experiences coupled with the teachings of the Beings of Light. There will be also powerful group meditations and Q&A. I can't wait to meet you and share with you. Learn more here >>



of the Month

Podcast & Radio, Appearances

Spiritually Inspired‬ With Claudio Murgan

Will Air on June 6, 2021 

During this insightful conversation with Claudiu Murgan, Ingrid will share her path as a scientist and as a spiritual teacher. She will talk about how her career gave her the possibility to educate others and create consciousness about our planet and the use of our resources in a sustainable way. She will also share about her native country of Colombia and her experiences learning about the Indian communities of America. Ingrid will share the reason why she picked her career as a Marine Scientist and if this decision was influenced by the Beings of Light.   



Spiritual Awakenings International Conference 2021

Jun 12-13, 2021 - Ingrid's Presentation Jun 13, 6:30pm CT 

FREE Online Event

Ingrid has been invited by Dr. Yvonne Kason to present as a feature speaker at the Spiritual Awakenings International Conference 2021, where renowned international speakers and fascinating experiencers panels will be discussing all types of “Spiritually Transformative Experiences.” Ingrid together with Francisco Valentín and Ana Cecilia González will share their spiritual journey on a Spanish Speaking Panel.    






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Appearances, News & Media

Love Covered Life With Melissa Denise

Aired on June 30, 2021 

Ingrid had an amazing time and a very insightful interview with host Melissa Denis. The questions and answers during this interview were very profound, sharing subjects related with the true nature of reality and our True Nature as divine beings. Ingrid also shared about her NDE as well, so 

if you already know her NDE story we invite you to forward 15min and listen to the rest, because it was fantastic. The teachings she has received will blow your mind away.



Global Near-Death Experience

Online Summit 2021

Jul 23 - 25, 2021, FREE Online Event 

Ingrid has been invited by Tricia Barker to share at The Global Near-Death Experience Summit, which features speakers who are focused on healing, transformation, and raising the vibration of the planet.  This year the LIVE EVENT is FREE!!  All of us are committed to bringing you wisdom, healing, and greater connection to unconditional love for yourself and others.




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Bright Awakenings Retreat With

Ingrid Honkala & Heather Driscoll

August 14 & 15, 2021

In-Person Event, Woodstock, CT

During this weekend retreat, Ingrid and Heather, will share with you the keys that will help you to reconnect with your inner-wisdom and reclaim your inner-power. The space will be limited, so do not miss this unique opportunity to join Ingrid and Heather in-person on this incredible journey in discovering Bright Awakenings. To take advantage of our early bird discount click here>>  and use code: BRIGHT.




Podcast & Radio

Grief and Rebirth With Irene Weinberg

Will air on August 2021 

In this interview with Irene Weinberg, Ingrid will share about her unique journey of unimaginable challenges, awakenings and miracles where along the way she became aware of her true nature and became the vehicle to help others. She will talked about her NDE, the Beings of Light and all the gifts that came from this extraordinary experience. She will also share the enormous grieve she carried with her since her childhood NDE and that only came to resolve after the passing of her mom on 2020.




Israel IANDS Group 

Will air on June 2021

Ingrid has been invited by Hila Baruch to present to her NDE group in Israel, her incredible journey that started with her near-death experience followed by countless spiritual transformative experiences and also by many challenges which all together opened the path of awareness, compassion and love for her and the people around her.  Come to our March 4th meeting to hear how throughout her life this wisdom speaker and author has been guided to meet and help many people on their journeys to become aware of a deeper reality and to reconnect with their own inner wisdom.



Caminos De Luz - Conferencia 

June 2021 - España - Evento Online 

Mària Alòs (de España) a invitado a la Dr. Ingrid como presentadora especial en un increíble encuentro internacional llamado "Caminos de Luz", en donde expertos internacionales de distintos ámbitos ofrecerán sus experiencias, recursos y nuevas perspectivas ampliando la visión sobre VIVIR Y MORIR, Abriendo la Conciencia a la Muerte hacia una Vida más íntegra y plena. Nos mostrarán los posibles caminos para reconectar con nuestra esencia verdadera y poder expandirnos en Conciencia, como personas, en paz, tranquilidad, disfrute y abundancia.




2021 International Association For Near-Death Studies Conference

September 2-5, 2021. Online Live Event 

Ingrid will be a feature speaker and a panelist at the 2021 

International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Online Conference. The Theme of her Speaker presentation will be"Why are we here? Why do we forget what we are? What is our Purpose?" (Sept. 5, 8:00pm ET) and the them for the Panel Discussion will be "Experiencers Global Discussion Group." (Sept. 4, 4:20pm ET)






The Theosophical Society in America

September 18, 2021. Online Workshop 

Ingrid has been invited by The Theosophical Society in America to do a workshop, where she will share powerful teachings and tools to help you calm your mind and rediscover your true nature. Ingrid will teach you how to use your physical senses and emotions to fuel your awareness, discover your shadows and reconnect with your inner-power. This online event will cover a 1hr lecture, group meditation and Q&A. More information soon. 



ConSCiencia Congress - Topic NDEs

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Some Time Soon

Convention Center in Puebla, Mexico

Ingrid has been invited to speak at the 2020 CONSCIENCIA Congress. Only a few decades ago, near-death experiences (NDEs) were not taken seriously. Times have changed. NDEs are being studied in research laboratories. They are a topic of serious discussion. Are they the last gasp of a dying brain? Are they a glimpse of a greater reality? Are they a waking dream induced by someone's belief system? These are the issues 2020 CONSCIENCIA Congress will explore and share.

Sometime SOON