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Círculo SAI de Intercambio de Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras

El segundo Sábado de cada mes,  

11am PT / 1pm CT- Colombia / 2pm EDT  

GRATIS- Evento En Linea En Vivo 

Ingrid, junto con Ana Cecilia Gonzalez y Francisco Valentín hacen parte del El Círculo de Intercambio de Experiencias Espiritualmente Transformadoras™ de Spiritual Awakenings International™. Este grupo brinda una oportunidad para que cualquier persona que haya tenido una Experiencia Espiritual Transformadora™ se una a un grupo de otros “Experimentadores” de EET para compartir y escuchar. Registrate aquí>




Earth To The Other Side

Aired on April 09, 2022 

In this interview with with John A. Glasspoole from Earth To The Other Side, Ingrid shared her journey of awakening that stated when she died at the age of two. She talked about her drowning while playing ball with her older sister over a large cement tank of water. Then how she travelled out of body at the speed and intention of thought. It was then that she experienced an incredible spiritual awakening. 


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Spiritual Awakenings International

Saturday April 16, 2022 at 10am PT /12pm CT/1pm ET 

Dr. Yvonne Carson President of Spiritual Awakenings International has invited Ingrid Honkala, PhD to present a live talk entitled: "Divine Guidance from Beings of Light and The Afterlife". This will be an enriching talk where Ingrid will share her near-death experiences, and her other mystical and spiritual experiences that transformed her life and paved the way for her to awaken consciousness, while at the same time helping many others to awaken in their own Divine Light. Register FREE>>


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Podcast & Radio, News & Media, Appearances

Closer to Venus with Johnny Burke

Will air in April 22,  2022

Ingrid was invited by Johnny Burke to share in his podcast called Closer to Venus. A Podcast About Why We Are Here And Where We Are Going. She will share her experiencial knowledge about the realm of the Light and her connection with the Beings of Light. She will go deep explaining who we are and why we are here. She will also talk about her experiences of being able to access the past and the future and how we can communicate with our spirit guides and Beings of Light.


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Four Week Course with Ingrid

The Way To Self-Empowerment,

Joy and Well-Being.  

Four Weeks Online Course From April 23rd to May 14th

8 am PT / 10 am CT/ 11 am ET

This intensive Four-Week Online Course with Ingrid Honkala, PhD,  has been carefully designed to teach you the grandiosity of knowing yourself and how to get there!  She will bring you to experience the greatness of mindfulness and meditation as doors to awareness, with very simple but powerful practices, and will give you the tools you need to invite happiness and joy into your life and the world. Register here >>


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Israel IANDS Group 

Aired on May 24, 2022

Ingrid has been invited by Hila Baruch to present to her NDE group in Israel, her incredible journey that started with her near-death experience followed by countless spiritual transformative experiences and also by many challenges which all together opened the path of awareness, compassion and love for her and the people around her.  Come to our March 4th meeting to hear how throughout her life this wisdom speaker and author has been guided to meet and help many people on their journeys to become aware of a deeper reality and to reconnect with their own inner wisdom.


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Christian Argüello Gómez

 Episodio Publicado el 29 de Mayo de 2022

Ingrid fue invitada por Christian Argüello Gómez a una charla en vivo para su canal de YouTube. En esta entrevista Ingrid compartió su increíble aventura de vida comenzando con su experiencia cercana a la muerte. "Ingrid Honkala es una científica colombiana que a trabajado para grandes entidades del mundo entre ellas LA NASA. Su historia es maravillosa, de niña vivió una experiencia que le sirvió como puerta de entrada al mundo espiritual desarrollando en ella dones que hasta el día de hoy le han servido para seguir avanzando en su evolución humana y espiritual".


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SAI Conference 2022

Saturday June 11 - Sunday June 12, 2022

FREE Online Event 

Ingrid has been invited by Dr. Yvonne Kason to present as a feature speaker at the Spiritual Awakenings International Conference 2022, where renowned international speakers and fascinating experiencers panels will be discussing all types of “Spiritually Transformative Experiences.” Ingrid together with Francisco Valentín and Ana Cecilia González will share their spiritual journey on a Spanish Speaking Panel with the topic, "Blessings and Challenges of Being an Experiencer" (Las Bendiciones y Retos de ser un Experienciador).


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Shaman Oaks

Aired on June 22, 2022 

In this interview with Shaman Oaks titled: "13 Secrets the Beings of Light Taught Her After Her Near Death Experience," Ingrid shares her Near Death Experiences (NDE) that connected her to mysterious Beings of Light that have revealed countless secrets about the nature of reality, the purpose of life, and so much more!


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Helping Parents Heal Conference 2022

August 18 - 21, 2022 - In Person Event 

Phoenix. AZ 

Ingrid was invited by Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, to share her journey with the Light during the second Helping Parents Heal Conference 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. It will be an amazing event filled with renowned speakers such as Gordon Smith, Suzanne Giesemann, Mark Anthony, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Dr. Mary Neal, David Kessler, Paul Dennison, Jeffery Olsen, Ann Albers, Isabella Johnson, and Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll between many others. 




IANDS Conference 2022

August 31 - September 4, 2022 - In Person Event

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Ingrid was been invited to present as a feature speaker at the International Association for Near-Death Studies Conference 2022 where lead experts from all aver the world will share their near-death experiences and related experiences. These experiences  often activate profound enduring changes in attitudes, mindset, and new or intensified spiritual growth. A core element of these experiences is timeless and ageless: Oneness. Oneness "experiences" typically may result in caring and concern for others - even strangers!


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Caminos De Luz - Conferencia 

2022 - España - Evento Online 

Mària Alòs (de España) a invitado a la Dr. Ingrid como presentadora especial en un increíble encuentro internacional llamado "Caminos de Luz", en donde expertos internacionales de distintos ámbitos ofrecerán sus experiencias, recursos y nuevas perspectivas ampliando la visión sobre VIVIR Y MORIR, Abriendo la Conciencia a la Muerte hacia una Vida más íntegra y plena. Nos mostrarán los posibles caminos para reconectar con nuestra esencia verdadera y poder expandirnos en Conciencia, como personas, en paz, tranquilidad, disfrute y abundancia.



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ConSCiencia Congress - Topic NDEs

Cancelled due to COVID-19 - Some Time Soon

Convention Center in Puebla, Mexico

Ingrid has been invited to speak at the 2020 CONSCIENCIA Congress. Only a few decades ago, near-death experiences (NDEs) were not taken seriously. Times have changed. NDEs are being studied in research laboratories. They are a topic of serious discussion. Are they the last gasp of a dying brain? Are they a glimpse of a greater reality? Are they a waking dream induced by someone's belief system? These are the issues 2020 CONSCIENCIA Congress will explore and share.

Sometime SOON