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WARNING from GOD before DYING, My 3rd NDE

Updated: Feb 25

My last near-death, or I should say 'Near-Life' experience, brought me to be aligned with God and to understand the meaning of temptation. It became utterly clear to me how attracted we are to the things we consider pleasant and how much we push away what we consider unpleasant, bringing us to spend most of our lives playing the game of being trapped between desire and resistance. The more we allow these opposite forces to take control over our lives, the farther and farther we are from being aligned with the present moment and from being aligned with God.

This last experience and other spiritual experiences have allowed me to live a life with deeper meaning, and nowadays, with profound appreciation. I love to say that God is playing "Hide and Seek" with us. So currently, it is my goal to stay present and to pay close attention to everything around me so I can experience life more deeply, and try to see with more clarity the presence of God/Source/Divine Consciousness in all aspects of reality, especially where there is challenge.

If you think about it, it is in the challenging moments where we have to use our greatest insight and spiritual skills to open the mind and heart in order to find clarity and understanding. The Beings of Light once said to me: With understanding comes clarity, with clarity comes Love, and with love comes forgiveness, evolution, growth and freedom.

During this last encounter with death for the first time I was given the choice to stay in the spirit realm or in the physical realm. Although the spirit realm is incredibly amazing I will share with you why I decided to stay on earth.

-- TIMESTAMPS -- 00:00 - My 3rd Near-Death Experience / 00:24 - Welcome / 02:02 - Introductory Teachings / 10:07 - Powerful Messages from God before my 3rd NDE / 18:25 - The car accident / 27:56 - The Surgery / 51:51 - Upcoming Retreat and Closing



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