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In Oneness,
What I Give Is Given To Me.
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Shadow on Concrete Wall

" It is precious to have an opportunity to talk to someone, who has been everywhere where you are or have been. It is precious to talk to a person of Truth. It is a great gift from her to dedicate her time and energy to talk to anyone who looks for a broader view of  his/her life. I love her and honour her. Use your time wisely and when you talk to Ingrid, to get the best of it, pick something of utmost importance to you. As I did and till this day I remember and apply her words in my everyday life. Use every minute of it to take you to the deepest corner of yourself so that you do not need any teacher anymore and you are your own source of wisdom. I have a feeling that that might be exactly her intention as well.


Czech Republic.


I feel so grateful and honored to be able to serve and to receive in return so much Love.


Thanks God for guiding us to Love.

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