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Four-Week Course: The Way To Self-Empowerment, Joy and Well-Being.

This intensive Four-Week Online Course with Ingrid Honkala, PhD, was carefully designed to teach you the grandiosity of knowing yourself and how to get there!

Throughout the four weeks Ingrid brought the participants to experience the greatness of mindfulness and meditation as doors to awareness, with very simple but powerful practices, and gave them the tools they needed to invite happiness and joy into Their life and the world.

Words from Ingrid:

My Four-Week Course ended with an atmosphere of so much joy, love and appreciation. What an amazing journey! My heart is filled with gratitude.

The sense of connection and community that we experienced during this course was one of the greatest gifts this course could have offered. I just adore sharing and serving God.

The feedback was amazing here are some of the comments from the participants:

"Dear Ingrid, There are no words to describe the abundance of inner peace and joy I am experiencing as a result of this wonderful and inspiring class and the deep connection I feel with you and my fellow participants."

"Dear Ingrid, this course has been a beautiful blessing to my life. I have learned so much. One of my biggest teachings has been learning much more about Forgiveness. It has been healing. Practicing RAIN meditation, makes me feel complete, lighter, flowing and being present Thank you so much!"

"Another beautiful session - with a whole world, or maybe better said, a ‘universe’ of insights, guidance and wisdom. And a light that seems to literally shine from Ingrid - while she generously spends her time and energy trying to help us find our own light within.

So we too, can shine own own light energy into this world."

"I am still feeling a warm glow from all the love, light and wisdom that Ingrid and my fellow participants sent out during today's inspiring training session and am very much looking forward to next week. It is great to be connected to so many like-minded souls who share my passion for inner and outer peace!"


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Hi there! So grateful you are shining your light so bright & sharing your gifts with the world! :) Will you be offering your online course again this year? Thank you so much!

Ingrid Honkala, PhD
Ingrid Honkala, PhD
03 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thanks so much Mechele for your loving words. I am planing to teach a course in October- November of this year. It is a huge call within! I will post all the information on my newsletter and media pages. Sharing Love and Light with you! 😘🙏💜