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Updated: Jan 26

A Brightly Guided Life, Book Overview By Steve Freier.

"...... Her life also provides us with a great lesson during the age we are living in which it is so materialistic and grounded more in science than in spiritual awareness. In this view, we become aware that there needs to be a balance; and, in the life of Ingrid Honkala, we are able to witness exactly how this balance can and should work for all of us. She is a wonderful example to learn from!

If you like autobiographies of interesting talented spiritual individuals, I think you will enjoy this book. She has had such an interesting and eventful life. There's a lot we can learn and take home by reading along as she tells her story."

Click the Link to Read Full Article:

Pages 8-9, Book Overview: A Brightly Guided Life

Pages 10-11, Ingrid Honkala: How my NDEs Changed My Life



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