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The Name that can be Named is NOT the Name | The Way 126 Experience

In this episode of The Consciousness of The Way, we welcome Dr. Ingrid Honkala. Ingrid shares her NDE story, connection with the universe and accessing her inner wisdom in the Quantum.

From the moment she nearly drowned in a tank of cold water at the age of three, Ingrid was aware of other dimensions of life than those most of us normally experience. She was also gifted with the wise input of mysterious “Beings of Light” who gave her invaluable insights and assistance as she faced the challenges of growing up, falling in love, and finding her professional destiny as a research scientist and oceanographer. Through her compelling life adventure that journeys from her native Colombia to Europe and her eventual home in the United States — and from a deadly war zone to underwater explorations and a NASA research center — Ingrid reveals how any human experience can be illumined from within. If we are willing to pay attention to subtle signals, take our intuition seriously, and forgive our most challenging difficulties, anyone can experience a brightly guided life. Enjoy her amazing story and experience within this human being simulation.



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