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One on one with Ingrid


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One on one with Ingrid


You Are Not Alone

Reconnect with your Inner-Guidance and discover that you are never alone. We are all interconnected in a web of Love.

The power to heal is within you!

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During Ingrid’s one-on-one sessions she offers guidance and support to help you reconnect with your own inner-wisdom to regain your inner-power. Ingrid receives many messages from Beings of Light and her intention is always to empower you to connect with your own personal guidance system as she does. You can be certain that whatever messages she receives and shares with you will be what is most helpful for you in that moment. 

Know Thyself!

Self-awareness and Inner-peace are the doors to freedom. 

Ingrid can help you better understand your spiritual transformative experiences such as near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences (OBE), and many more mystical experiences. 


She can help you gain clarity and unravel how your life challenges are essential in your evolution and awakening, and also offers grief recovery practices.

She will guide you in the process of calming your mind and rediscovering your True Nature.

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So You Can Live Your Best Life!

What People Say



Czech Republic

It is precious to have an opportunity to talk to someone, who has been everywhere where you are or have been. It is precious to talk to a person of Truth. It is a great gift from her to dedicate her time and energy to talk to anyone who looks for a broader view of  his/her life. I love her and honour her. Use your time wisely and when you talk to Ingrid, to get the best of it, pick something of utmost importance to you. As I did and till this day I remember and apply her words in my everyday life.


Joseph Luppens

New York, USA

I was delighted when she began offering sessions, looking to gain deeper insights into my own life journey and better navigate the rough waters. I was not disappointed; Ingrid not only served as a mirror to my inner self, she provided vital tools and perspectives which I apply every day. Her patience and compassion made our session an absolute joy, which for me was important as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Highly recommended!"


Jennifer Chiu


For 20 years, I was so confused about spirits, light beings, enlightenment. In her book and video, she puts all of my puzzles into one clear picture. 

It was an amazing session with Ingrid. Her insightful experience and wisdom enlightened my own spiritual path. She and the beings of light also confirmed that my own obssesion of  wanting to see the light actually blocked me to experience more. After her session, next morning I took her suggestion and started a listening meditation, and I saw a light again. 

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