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JOURNEY OF THE SOUL: From Mysticism to Divine Connection | Be The LIGHT With Ingrid & Carlos

Updated: Apr 5

If you missed the LAST EPISODE you can watch it here>> 💜 Thanks with all my HEART for all your LOVE and SUPPORT!

LIVE SHOW - Be the LIGHT with Ingrid and Carlos.

Our last conversation with our special guest Rev. Bill McDonald was:

"JOURNEY OF THE SOUL: From Mysticism to Divine Connection"

In this powerful conversation with Rev. Bill McDonald, he shared his extraordinary journey of love, forgiveness, and enlightenment. From mystical encounters to profound insights, join him in discovering the transformative power of divine love and service.


"BEYOND THE VEIL: Exploring Communication with PETS IN SPIRITS".

Have you ever felt the lingering presence of a departed pet? As pet lovers, we cherish the memories of our furry companions long after they've passed on. But could our connection with them extend beyond the physical realm? Join us in this journey beyond the veil as we explore the intriguing possibility of communicating with our beloved pets in spirit. Through shared experiences, heartfelt stories, and spiritual insights, we seek to uncover the profound connections that transcend the boundaries of life and death. Through spiritual bonds, we contemplate the enduring nature of our connections with our furry friends and explore the profound love that continues to unite us, even beyond death's door. Join us on this journey of love and healing, seeking solace in the belief that our cherished animal companions may still be by our side, offering love, guidance, and companionship from the other side.

See you there!

In our New Live Spiritual Show Carlos and I are here to share with you and answer your questions!! See you all!!!

LIVE on Ingrid Honkala’s YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

If you missed the LAST EPISODE you can watch it here:



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