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Can Our Beloved PETS Reach us from BEYOND | Be The LIGHT With Ingrid & Carlos

Updated: Apr 5

If you missed the LAST EPISODE you can watch it here>> 💜 Thanks with all my HEART for all your LOVE and SUPPORT!

LIVE SHOW - Be the LIGHT with Ingrid and Carlos.

Our last conversation was:

"BEYOND THE VEIL: Exploring Communication with PETS IN SPIRITS"

Have you ever felt the lingering presence of a departed pet? As pet lovers, we cherish the memories of our furry companions long after they've passed on. But could our connection with them extend beyond the physical realm? Watch our last show and learn all about it.


"MIRACLES UNVEILED: Tapping into the Eternal Power of PRAYER".

Discover the transformative power of prayer. It's more than words; it's a divine connection that brings love, strength, and guidance. In times of uncertainty, prayer anchors us, offering hope and purpose. Let's embrace this simple yet profound practice, finding solace and gratitude in every moment of communion.

See you there!

In our New Live Spiritual Show Carlos and I are here to share with you and answer your questions!! See you all!!!

LIVE on Ingrid Honkala’s YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

If you missed the LAST EPISODE you can watch it here:



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