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Spiritual Geek Out Podcast - Teachings From the Beings of Light and Their Messenger

Ingrid was invited by Diane Hudock-Pleeter to shared the incredible journey that opened for her the path of self-awareness and love.

Teachings From the Beings of Light and Their Messenger

"Ingrid Honkala PhD is a marine biologist, mother, and author of the illuminating autobiography, A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear Her Inner Wisdom . A native of Bogota, Colombia, her story begins at the age of two after drowning in an ice cold well in her family’s backyard and is soon given not only her first of many glimpses of Heaven, the nature of reality, and our connectedness, but the doors of deeper perception open as she communicates with what she calls the “Beings of Light”. Since then, a myriad of experiences that could be considered both mystical and impossible to some, have been an integral part of her path and teaching. As a giver of Light, Ingrid humbly shares the many messages these Beings of Light have for us all. - from how we can live in this world to the cultivation of the unlimited Divine mind."

Listen to Podcast Here>>



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