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Co-creating at Its Best and Following Guidance

Today's newsletter and video aren't just about co-creating our own reality, but also about realizing that besides being able to create we have to learn to listen and follow our inner-guidance. On this video I am sharing a simple but clear example that can apply to anybody's daily life.

I started to have visions when I was four. After having one of my visions at the age of nine, when I asked to the Beings of Light the difference between dreaming about something and having visions they answered:

“When you dream about something you want you are creating something new, and when you have a vision you are having access to what has already been created, but not yet manifested.”

“I know that because you already told me,” I interrupted, “but why do some dreams not manifest?” I questioned.

“Some people never see their dreams manifest because they have been told that such dreams are not possible. Once they limit their mind they deny themselves the possibility to become part of that reality. It will not manifest, or if it does, they will not be aware of it.”

“So will all my dreams manifest some day?”

“Yes, they will, but it is best if you don’t tell your dreams to everyone. Most people will try to convince you that they are not possible and you could get trapped in that belief.”

“Like you said before, we create our own reality!” I exclaimed.

“That’s right. You are the result of your own creation. You are what you make of yourself.”

“I hope that I can always remember your teaching,” I whispered.

“Don’t worry, we will be there to remind you. Keep dreaming and creating for yourself, it is all there waiting for you when you are ready.

But you also have to keep yourself open to recieve and to follow the guidance.”

- Insert from my book, A Brightly Guided Life -

Although I was born in a Catholic culture, one of my dreams since I was a little child was to meet the Dalai Lama after I learned about him from the Beings of Light. Many years later in 2010 after following a series of synchronistic events that guided me to meet him, I ended in Dharamsala, India for seven days receiving his teachings and blessings.

On this picture, while I was sitting next to him holding his hand, my heart was bursting in joy, because my dream of meeting him had become true.

"From the moment I drowned in a tank of cold water at the age of nearly three, I was aware of other dimensions of life than most people normally experience. I was also gifted with the wise input of “Beings of Light.” Only when I was a little older could I understand that the Beings of Light had started to teach me faith and trust. All problems could be resolved if I’d just allow myself to rest calmly in the caring hands of Divine Guidance; but I was very resistant, and that resistance would bring a great deal of pain in my life." Learn more in my book, A Brightly Guided Life.

To see a list of the most frequent questions and answers about my near-death experience, the Beings of Light and much more visit my website at

With Light and Love,


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