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Awaken Your Soul Story!

Our world needs more light, more wisdom and more stories to nourish the soul and uplift the spirit. If you are ready to be inspired and learn to lead with your light and to tell your story now is your moment! You are in the right place at the right time!

If you want to write your story, get clear on your purpose and gain the confidence to lead with your light click here and join us for the InStory Show, Awaken Your Soul Story.

We have writers, coaches, spiritual teachers, artists, body workers, healers and creatives in all fields here to show you how they have transformed their old stories and are now able to live their true soul story and to lead with their light to make a difference in their lives and in the world.

They will share with you their tools, their tips, their trainings and their stories. You too can move out of your old story and resistance that keeps you stuck and launch yourself into the visionary calling of your soul and bring your story, your wisdom and your light out into the world.

Now is your time! Join us and let’s light up the world with our love, our light, our wisdom and our stories!

At this powerful time in the world there is an opening and a need for us to bring our wisdom, our insights and our stories forward. It is our hope that when you join in the series you will feel a tremendous strengthening of your spirit and an encouragement to trust the authentic home of your soul and share it with the world.

When you sign up for The InStory Show and Awaken Your Soul Story!, you will discover:

  • How to tap into and access the power of your story.

  • How to hear and trust your inner voice.

  • How to find tools to let your higher purpose unfold.

  • How to tap into the powerful intersection of art and story.

  • How to heal your energy and ignite your life.

  • How to turn your stories of overcoming significant life challenges into inspiration and insight for others.

  • New practices you can begin using immediately to access your soul’s guidance and lead with your light.

Devorah was the perfect person to host this summit. She has been a storyteller for over 40 years and is now a soul story intuitive coach, and the leader and founder of The InStory Way, a program to help you trust your intuition, share your soul story and live your purpose.



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