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Be the spark that lights a flame of Love | Ingrid Honkala | Village | Vandana Soni

Sharing LOVE!!! I don't have words to express how grateful I am for this precious creation that my beautiful friend Vandana Soni did for me.

"Meet Ingrid honkala, a Marine scientist and a giver of Light. Ingrid had a near death experience when she 2 year old that opened her to a myriad of mystical experiences as her mind was not conditioned yet . As a result, she began to communicate to beings of light. She led a solitary life due to her unique gift. At 19, she wanted to have a normal life. On questioning the being she was told, someday she were to share her story. As a scientist, she travelled 56 countries.Being in columbian navy war zone, she also witnessed a lot of pain and suffering. At 39, she went through a severe depression and was guided by the beings to see a psychologist. When she came out of the spiritual closet where she lived for years for the fear of being ostracized for talking about her truth since she was a kid. The outcome of the therapy later evolved into her book "A Brightly Guided light" that reveals an amazing journey of unimaginable challenges, awakenings and miracles. Sharing her experiences has been a gift to many who are beginning to explore, while she continues to grow and evolve in the process . Her realization is that we are all a part of Divine plan that is guiding us to wake up to our essence of pure love, peace and joy. The question to ponder is “What are we doing to disturb our true nature ? Nothing is what it appears to be. Reconnect with your inner wisdom and regain the key to your inner power." So grateful to Ingrid for being the light. "Be the spark that lights a flame of love". With Love, Vandana"

I cried tears of joy when she surprised me with this amazing gift, because making this video came from her heart. She is a loving bright Light in this world. I feel so blessed to have the honor to meeting her.

I am also grateful with my dear friend Rev. Bill McDonald for introducing us, check the video she made for him:

I feel so blessed to be able to give and to receive in return SO MUCH LOVE.



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