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Bright Awakenings - Weekend Retreat

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

WOW!!! Our weekend retreat in Woodstock, CT was life changing! I am so grateful with Heather Driscoll and her mom Rebecca for organizing this precious event. I wanted to share with you some of the amazing feedback:

"Ingrid is a uniquely gifted speaker and teacher, and she is blessed by God unlike anyone I've known or seen. Ingrid distilled the wisdom that has been taught for over 5000 years by enlightened earthly masters, assimilated insights only she through heavenly Beings of Light was privileged to learn, and presented it in an order and format that was easy to digest and yet took my breath away.

Ingrid is the real deal! A special messenger of God who should be seen and heard by millions each week. To have the honor of being one among a small group who heard her teach for hours on end felt akin, without exaggeration, to being one of the lucky apostles of Christ.

Ingrid's wisdom, persuasive charm, honesty, and expansive, loving heart are to her great credit matched by her humility. Her remarkably egoless mission to educate and help others, I am convinced, will help save the world. I am wholeheartedly devoted to being one of Ingrid's disciples and pledge to help her bring the knowledge of who we truly are--eternal souls of pure love and light--to the masses in any way I can. I look forward to seeing her and you all again very soon. With Love and Adoration." ~ Alex Schmidt

"The retreat was wonderful. Thank you all so much for making all of us feel welcome. It was really nice that the group was smaller and it seemed like everyone connected with each other at just the right time. I can't really tell you in words everything that I received, in fact, I'm not sure I'll ever know but I know it was life changing! Something shifted for me. I've come home with this sense of really being present. It was so neat meeting you all and spending time with you. I'm instantaneously in a space of gratitude thinking back on the whole experience."

~ Stephanie Lovato

"Oh my, what an inspiration Ingrid is. I can't look back and wish I was there for both days, but even one day was worth it. What it did for me, I find hard to put into words. My 'monkey mind' ( thoughts, concerns, the what ifs) plays tricks on me and makes it difficult for me to stay in the 'now'.

Ingrid's words, experiences, teachings, not to mention her gift of the spirit, set my mind on a different path. The mere fact that she held my attention without drifting, spoke volumes to me. Maybe I should say I was mesmerized by her radiance, her spirit, sincerity and of course the love that she is. What a gift! Anyhow, I am delighted that I was able to be there and experience the calm.Thank you for such an inspirational day and the great opportunity to have met Ingrid. I Am Grateful,........" ~ Fran Weigand

I want to thank Heather, Becky and all the participants for being there! I am deeply honored and eternally grateful!




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