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Electing Love and Unity - a free online 12-hour webinar by a Panel of Love's Messengers

This was a 12 hours Free event for Election Day organized by IANDS!

Looking beyond the apparitions caused by the false messages of fear! Suzanne Giesemann, Peter Panagore and I were on a panel together for this free event from 2:30 PM ET to 4 PM ET.

The event was all day long. Featuring: Panelists sharing near-death and similar experiences that reveal a consistent message of love and transformation; regular breaks for guided meditations with experienced music therapists; and interactive question and answers with specialists in the field of near-death and related consciousness studies.

An election day free event with presentations by those who have experienced unity consciousness and how the research demonstrates the reality of those experiences producing messages like:

— there is no death, the body may expire but The Self Does Not Die! — with the Source of All, there is no agenda – only acceptance. — the experience of being human unites us all as ONE! — the ultimate nature of LOVE leaves no room for fear.

Add your affirmation in the comment area on checkout when RSVPing for this event. The RSVP is good all day long to come and go as you please… and be sure to tell others in your community about this marvelous opportunity.



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