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MIND BODY SPIRIT PANEL ✰ Eben Alexander ✰ Ingrid Honkala ✰ Michelle Clare

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Michael sits down with 3 amazing people who've all had truly incredible Near-Death Experiences (NDE's). They are here to share messages of love, give us reminders & more! Watch as they take steps with Angels on-air too! You can catch their actual NDE details at their individual shows when they appear again as guests with Michael on the "Angels, Positivity & Love" Show.

If we get past their NDE's and various claims to fame, they are ALL also very talented healers, whether they call themselves that or not. They share their light with others and have many experiences that go well beyond what is described during this panel. ✰ INGRID HONKALA, PhD (3x NDE) ✰ MICHELLE CLARE (3x NDE) ✰ DR. EBEN ALEXANDER (NDE)



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