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Seeking Heaven: "Love Leader Lessons," "Puppy Love Stories," "Marriage & Love Stories."

In this conversation with renowned Evidential Medium, Tamara Caulder Richardson, Ingrid will share her view on the subject of Love. The title of her conversation will be: "Love Live and Life will Love You Back!" During her near-death experience Ingrid discovered and reconnected with what is known as unconditional Love. The purpose of her NDE was to bring back the message of the power of Love and Connection. She will share how, to Live is to choose, and how when you choose Love, you choose to live a fulfilled and joyful life.

"Puppy Love" Stories from Love Leaders & NDErs and STErs: Tamara Caulder Richardson, Robert Bare, Howard Storm, Rev. Peter Panagore, Ingrid Honkala, and Nancy Van Alphen. Love Lesson is: "Puppy Love” - Canine Stories From this World and the Next!

"Marriage & Love" Stories from NDE Love Leaders: Tamara Caulder Richardson, Howard Storm, Peter Panagore, and Ingrid Honkala, as they speak about being married and give advice to those seeking companionship and married bless. Our Love Lesson is: " Marriage & Love” – Practical Advice for a Happy Love

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