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The Cosmic Salon with Niish

In this conversation with Dynishka DieuDonni (Niish) Ingrid shared the spiritual transformative experiences that opened for her the path of awareness and love. She shared how her path of awareness, although amazing, also came filled with many challenges and sufferings, especially because she felt alone and ostracized surrounded by people that could not understand her unique nature.

Ingrid is such a beautiful soul that brings such heart and emotional depth to her interactions. I found myself completely enriched after having spent this time with her. We took a dive into her nde, sorrows, triumphs and went on a journey from a very conservative circumstance into a complete liberation of mind, body, and spirit as she was introduced to the eastern ways of transcendental meditation at a very young age via her trail-blazing grandmother and then onward into the deep of a very illuminated and effervescent path that brings her to the cosmic salon in chat with me -- she passes on the beauty and light in a sincere and gentle way. If you like what Niish is doing and are able you may find more content and lots of extras on her Patreon page: A very special thank you to the producers of this show: Marin Kramer. Christy Tesmer. Melanie Poe. Michael Watcher. Jason Lambson. Sannah Rebecka.



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