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The Matter of the Heart With Carol Olivia

In this interview with Carol Olivia Adams, Ingrid shared about her unique journey of unimaginable challenges, awakenings and miracles where along the way she became aware of her true nature and became the vehicle to help others. She also talked about her NDE, the Beings of Light and all the gifts that came from this extraordinary experience.

EPISODE SUMMARY Ingrid Honkala had experienced a near death experience at a very young age and this experience propelled her to connect to and understand the other side, angels, spirit guides, archangels and more. The guest gives much validation and sincerity with her powerful experience. This could also be considered an out of body experience. Ingrid Honkala believes that we all have spirits around us. This belief justifies that we are never alone on the physical plane and that we will always have a spiritual connection with the "other side". Ingrid Honkala has her own private practice and works wisely with her clients coaching them, mentoring them and encouraging them to be "still". through all types of meditation, She believes that nature is a healer, and that it is important for us to be quiet with our mind, and breathe deeply to the spirit of Mother Earth and walk the land with wisdom as the the spiritual fuel.

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