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WE TOUCHED HEAVEN: An International Collection of Experiences that Reached Beyond the Veil

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


May 31, 2021

WE TOUCHED HEAVEN is the latest book from Award-Winning Author of the series GIFTS FROM THE EDGE by Claudia Watts Edge.

Dr. Raymond Moody hailed this book as TERRIFIC and an important asset toward further understanding the Spiritual phenomenon of NDE's (near-death experiences) and STE's (Spiritual Transforming Experiences) and Contact with Our Loved Ones on Other Side. This book of personal stories is a Global Collection of Inspirational and Thought-Provoking accounts of 44 experiencers from all walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs. From Atheist to Hindu, Hospice Chaplin and Minister, to Decorated War Veterans, a Naval Chief Petty Officer, NASA Scientist, celebrated and Award-winning Authors, medical field workers, MD, and several Ph.D.'s who have spent a lifetime studying the Spirit and the Light. These are just a glimpse into the diverse wonders you will find within the pages of WE TOUCHED HEAVEN.

This book has been given a nod by so many in the field of After-Death Studies especially with its deep look into the Military gap-of-care and a soldier's confusion, followed by loneliness at the inability or reluctance to talk about these types of events for fear of retaliation.

Sharing their very personal stories are Lilia Samoilo, PMH Atwater, Rev. Bill McDonald, Sandra Champlain, Ingrid Honkala, Chase DeMayo, Dr. Lotte Valentin, Rev. Lee Witting, Caroline Chang, Sue Pighini, Rebecca Astill-Clausen, Gregg Untenburger, and Tony Woody to name only a very few of the popular and respected contributors in this collective.

WE TOUCHED HEAVEN is hard to put down, and yet an easy and personal read that touches, suicide, miscarriage and child loss, lingering illness, trauma, and dementia and should be in every hospital waiting room, hospice, and cancer centers and especially in your own personal library as a reference and aid to PEACE OF MIND, as there is so much more that awaits us after our soul lifts from its human housing, and the Spirit is allowed to soar. Thanks to Claudia Watts Edge and these wonderful moments of Heaven, we need no longer fear the unknown, but can confidently begin to understand and remember our Eternal Home. Heaven has been Seen, Felt, Heard, and Touched by these great writers and expressionists who are willing and genuinely excited to share all they experienced with YOU.

WE TOUCHED HEAVEN: An International Collection of Experiences that Reached Beyond the Veil, Find it here: