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This class is a full two-hour stand-alone session, including 1hr of teachings and 1hr of Q&A. Plus an amazing short meditation to calm your mind.


When your payment is complete, you will receive a link to download a PDF file with your private video-link inserted.  You will also receive a confirmation email (this email is good for 30 days only, but your video-links are good indefinitely). Be sure to SAVE the PDF file or your video-links.  You can not search for these later on YouTube.

Monthly Mentoring with Ingrid Honkala, Jun 12, 2021 - Why Do We Suffer?

  • 😔 Why do we suffer?
    🧐 Why are challenges needed?
    🙄 Is it possible to stop suffering?
    🤔 What can we do when we are in pain and suffering?


    Everyone suffers. It’s part of the human condition. Yet suffering can be the doorway to your personal evolution, to growth and expansion, if you choose to shift your thoughts and perceptions.

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