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The 2019 IANDS Conference Rocked!

During the 2019 IANDS Conference I was honored to present and participate in different events throughout the conference:

  • Speaker at the Annual IANDS Banquet Fundraiser.

  • Panelist for the “Wisdom of Higher Beings” Panel Discussion Group.

  • Co-facilitator at Vietnam Vet Rev. Bill McDonald’s Military NDE Workshop.

  • Participated in Ret. COL Dr. Diane Corcoran’s Military Discussion Group.

  • I made appearances in the Experiencer’s Lounge to help support IANDS attendees!

I was also able to hear many different speakers sharing their extraordinary experiences and discoveries making this year’s IANDS conference so unique and amazing!

There are so many beings in this world awakening to the truth of who we truly are and this gathering offers the perfect opportunity to connect people with unique experiences and understandings to share the Light of Loving-Awareness with the world. I can see so clearly how science and spirituality are coming together. The information shared by the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is no longer considered “woo-woo” stuff; multiple scientific and medical disciplines have been studying and proving the validity of the existence of consciousness as the driving force of life. The compelling results from many scientific studies and observations demonstrate that the brain is just like a radio receiving and transmitting universal wisdom. We truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Can you imagine the healing that this world would experience if the fear of death was gone? Knowing that we are eternal beings surrounded at all times by the Light and never alone brings great relief to the Soul. It was such a delight to meet people who had traveled from all over the world to attend the conference who are also serving as messengers to bring this new level of understanding to their own communities, and IANDS is at the forefront to share this expanded awareness internationally.

Thank you IANDS for this extraordinary opportunity!


The Beings of Light once said to me, “The path of awakening is for anyone that is willing to wake up.”

However, no matter how far we are in our awakening process and in the process of helping others, the important thing is to always remain humble and to remember that we are but vehicles guiding others to see that they are already enlightened.

Ingrid Honkala, PhD.

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Thanks so much for all your support.

Tons of Love, Light and Blessings,


In-Lak'esh (I am you in Mayan)