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Inner Peace with Dr. Rees‪e

How a Scientist Learned to Hear Her Inner Wisdom w/ Dr. Ingrid Honkala

In episode # 99, Dr. Reese talks with Dr. Ingrid Honkala who at only 2 years old had a near death experience. During this event, she discovered that we are eternal beings. Since the event, she has been opened to "beings of light" and other mystical experiences that have lasted through childhood all the way through becoming a marine biologist.

In this conversation, she describes all the ups and downs of her journey and why she now shares with others.

Ingrid also shares her path of self-realization and self-actualization, and inspires you to do to the same. She brings to you immense clarity about how to reconnect with your inner-wisdom and regain your inner-power.

Ingrid is honored to be part of Dr. Reese podcast, which can help you become liberated in the modern world featuring such guests as Don Miguel Ruiz, Rupert Spira, Santos Bonacci, Dr. Morse, Michael Cremo & more! Dr. Reese has guided & inspired thousands to reclaim their health as a healer.

Listen to Podcast here:



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