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Speaking at the Online IANDS Conference 2020

My talks were on Aug 15 & 16 at 1pm & 3pm CT, LIVE Event

Ingrid was invited to speak at the 2020 International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Online Conference with the theme of "Trust Your Intuition and Rediscover Your Inner Healing." According to Ingrid when we are connected to higher wisdom and tuning into divine guidance the possibilities are unlimited. Trusting our intuition and following that guidance can literally be a matter of life or death. This presentation covered real life examples throughout Ingrid's life of being guided, protected and healed by Beings of Light. 

Presentation in English: "Divine Guidance from Beings of Light and the Power of Healing" Saturday, August 15, Zoom Room 2, 11 am PDT (1 pm Central Time)

Presentación en Español: "Entrevista con Ingrid Honkala: Vida tras una experiencia cercana a la muerte" Sábado, August 15, Zoom Room 3, 12 am PDT (2 pm Central Time)

Movie Premier Life - To Afterlife: Dead and Back Sunday, August 16, Zoom Room 4, 11 am PDT (1 pm Central Time)

I will be also facilitating meetings at the Experience Sharing Lounge, Zoom Room 3, at 3pm PDT (5pm CT) Saturday and Sunday   



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