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The Personality Code Masterclass Series​

Ingrid was invited by Andrew Colombini to be a feature speaker at The Personality Code Masterclass Series. Join her and an extraordinary lineup of 25+ top experts, influencers, and doctors as we embark on a journey that combines psychology, neurochemistry, astrology, human design, enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Ayurvedic doshas, and more to

unveil the strengths of your personality. This complimentary masterclass series is designed to help you understand your unique traits and empower you for success.

Is it possible to truly understand ourselves — unearth our calling, fine-tune what really lights us up?

Or are we mere wanderers, with no clear direction, merely pursuing fleeting desires based on what we think we should want?

If you resonate with the first sentence, then I'm wholeheartedly aligned with you, and I've consistently witnessed this in my interactions with clients, friends, and mentors. However, is it as straightforward as some might suggest? Definitely not. To effectively uncover your strengths and harness your uniqueness, there are crucial insights you need to acquire.



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