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This class is a full two-hour stand-alone session, including 1hr of teachings and 1hr of Q&A. Plus an amazing short meditation to calm your mind.


When your payment is complete, you will receive a link to download a PDF file with your private video-link inserted.  You will also receive a confirmation email (this email is good for 30 days only, but your video-links are good indefinitely). Be sure to SAVE the PDF file or your video-links.  You can not search for these later on YouTube.

Monthly Mentoring with Ingrid Honkala, Apr 10, 2021 - What Are Emotions?

  • 😉 What Are Emotions and Why Do They Matter?

    😶 Are Emotions Needed?

    😴 How Can You Use Them to Wake Up?

    🙄 Are Emotions Born or Made?

    🤔 Are Emotions and Feelings the Same?

    😒 What is Emotional or Spiritual Bypassing?

    😳 Are You Spiritually Bypassing?

    🧐 Can We Master our Emotions?

    😵 Do We Keep Our Emotional Body After We Die?

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