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How my book happened?

As a PhD. in Marine Science with emphasis in Biological Oceanography, I have written many scientific articles, books and technical reports about the marine environment, but I never thought about writing anything about me. It all happened after a psychologist (in the USA where I live now) suggested that I use writing as a therapy to free myself from the sufferings I was carrying in my mind as a result of living a very challenging life. Which involved a near death experience (NDE), communicating with Beings of Light, following deep spiritual teachings and going to college to become a marine scientist, while growing up in a war-torn, male-dominated, class-separated society. At some point, the country of Colombia where I was born was ranked within the ten most dangerous countries in the world.

In 2011 after writing and reading the first page of my healing journal, which was a short summary of a NDE I had when I was almost three, I thought, This is going to be a book. For the next five years I talked about it without writing another word, then in 2015 the book started to become alive. For a few months I couldn’t stop writing no matter if it was night or day. I wrote at work, at the stores, at any side road where I stopped the car, at home, at the movies, no matter where or when, I simply wrote. It was as if the words wanted to be written, if I refused to write they wouldn’t go away until I wrote them. Then from one page to the next I ended up writing more than 150.000 words, despite having a full time career as a scientist and being a mother of a ten year old.

When I was nineteen the Beings of Light had told me that one day I was going to pass their teachings to others. Some of the first words they said to me were: “Someday your life experience will talk for you.” Many years later, that was exactly what happened with this book. It is a compilation of my life experiences under the guidance of Beings of Light, who have led me on a path of reconnecting with my Inner Self and rediscovering my True Nature.

I have realized through my own experience that being human is an amazing gift, because it offers enough contrast for us to see our dormant side. The only way to become aware that we are awareness is by experiencing contrast. We cannot know what health means if we have never been sick. Awakening is to realize that we are the dreamer and not the dream; that we are the co-creators and not the victims; and that we are the light and darkness is just our teacher.

With this book I invite anyone who is open to listen to discover the world of wonders that has been given to us, and that most of the time we cannot see because we are trapped on our story. Open your heart and give yourself the opportunity to rediscover and shine the light that you already are.

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