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How To Become The Co-creator Of Your Own Life

The focus of A Brightly Guided Life is not the story of Ingrid, for the world is made of many amazing stories of incredible people. My intention with this book is to guide you to discover your own Self. It is to take you beyond your personal experiences and stories, and to guide you to see that we are something beyond the form.

The beginning of the awakening of my own conscious awareness came to me when I drowned in a tank of frigid water, when I was only three. Through the years as I remembered my lifeless body suspended in the water I wondered: How could I have seen my body lifeless if I was still alive? More alive than ever?... Then I realized that what makes possible the existence of a painting is not the painting itself but the canvas on which is painted; what makes possible the existence of the written letter is not the writing itself, but the paper on which it is written, and what makes possible the existence of Ingrid is not her body, personality or beliefs but the essence of Ingrid. The personality gives us the possibility to be unique, which serves as a feedback for the expansion and evolution of the Universe, but without the essence of who we are there is no life.

Have you ever asked yourself, what would be of you if someday you completely lost your memory and forgot who you are, including your name? So, if you are not your name, your beliefs, your studies, your profession, your successes and failures, then who are you? With this book I invite you to ask the most important question of all: WHO AM I? And the most important realization of all: I EXIST.

Close your eyes right now and be at awe to discover that above all you: ARE, and from there everything else happens.

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