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Tangible Help and Guidance from the Other Side - The Miracle Cat

Hi everyone, I couldn't wait to share with you this beautiful story because miracles like the one on this video are proof that we are never alone, our departed love ones and spirit guides are always helping us and guiding us. After her passing my grandma demonstrated to my sister her love by giving her the most amazing gift. If we trust and listen to our inner guidance we will realize that we are never alone in our quest through this life.

Like the Beings of Light say: “The moment that you think that you are alone, close your eyes and you will see from within that loneliness does not exist.”

On another note, I have been an animal lover all my life so I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to all the people that work so hard saving and nurturing these beautiful beings. You are amazing Light workers.

This is our fifteen years old dog "Mico" the king of the house. :-)

Learn more about our spiritual connection with plants and animals in my book, "A Brightly Guided Life."

“When you are profoundly connected with nature you can hear what is beyond your ears,” the Beings of Light whispered to me after I heard music coming from the grass.

I want to thank everyone for your inspiring messages, feedback and for sharing with me your time and love. To see a list of the most frequent questions and answers about my near-death experience, the Beings of Light and much more visit my website at

With Light and Love,


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