Facing and Overcoming Fear

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

This video reveals how during a moment of panic I was able to stop and realize that the fear I was experiencing at that moment was only in my mind. Today's video and newsletter teach us how the antidote to fear is within us, all we have to do is to stop, breathe, question and look within for clarity.

“We are God in wisdom and lost in fear.” - Unknown

Conversations with the Beings of Light

Breaking Free from Fear:

Over time I realized that the more I learned to quiet my mind the less fearful I became. One day I asked the Beings of Light, “Is there anything else I need to learn from fear?”

“Learning comes from absolutely everything," they answered and then continued saying, "However, higher learning comes from wisdom, not from fear. A fearful mind is limited, but a fearless mind is an open channel for infinite wisdom to flow and manifest.”

Next, they brought me to remember a repeating dream I have had for years, but I never understood the meaning of it or knew how the resolve it until I followed the guidance.

In the dream, I was trapped in a house with many rooms, all poorly illuminated. There was a front door with windows on either side from which I could see a very stunning and bright landscape. I wanted to go out to join the harmonious and dazzling surroundings, but every time I opened the front door I would walk into another room, remaining trapped inside the house. Then I would run and run desperately in search of the front door again. It was a very disturbing dream, so I would wake up feeling very anxious.

After years of dreaming the same thing over and over, one day as I was having the same dream, something new and unexpected happened. As I run towards the front door again to open it I heard a voice that said: "Stop." I immediately stopped and as I stood still the voice said, "Don't you see! It is the same door. It is not through that door that you are going to find your way out."

And then I looked at one of the windows placed next to the door and instead of using the door I decided to jump directly through the window and I finally found myself immersed in that beautiful surrounding, feeling at peace.

This is the perfect analogy of how we cannot expect change if we keep repeating the same patterns. Through this dream the Beings of Light brought me to realize that my repeating patterns of fear and bad judgment had kept me trapped in the house while I could have chosen to break free at any time. The limitations were only in my mind controlled and limited by an ego not wanting to let go.

The Beings of Light also said to me, “If one touches the fire coming from fear one would certainly get burned, but if one touches the fire coming from wisdom one would not be hurt because one would know that one is the fire.”

This teaching reminded me of the stories I heard about people being able to accomplish things that others considered impossible like walking on burning coals, eating glass, drinking poison and so forth. This is because a mind free of fear becomes an unlimited mind, and a mind free of boundaries can manifest the unimaginable.

Ingrid Honkala, PhD.


Conversations with the Beings of Light:

“As the mind becomes conditioned to a state of fear, it continuously questions everything that you should or shouldn’t do, or feel, or say. This kind of behavior keeps people trapped in loops of judgment and self-doubt. If you learn to quiet your mind, wisdom and clarity will always flow through you. Start by focusing your mind on what feels good, as you did tonight, and the rest will simply unfold.”

- Insert from my book, A Brightly Guided Life -