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Everything is Going to Be Okay!

Join us for a remarkable, insightful and powerful programme…

Watch the recording of this incredible programme here:

Saturday 11th September 2021,

8:30am–10:30am US Central Time / 2.30pm–4:30pm BST (GMT +01.00)

Sister Jayanti (Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris – London), in conversation with Ingrid Honkala (‘Scientist, Author, Light Worker’)

How a near death experience (NDE) led to an encounter with God ‘in the home’ and a lifelong spiritual relationship with ‘the beings of light’.

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia; Ingrid shares her experience of how drowning at the age of 2 years old led her to a profound out of body experience. Unhappy to be revived and back in her body, she discovered new abilities and greater meaning. Having experienced her true spiritual self, Ingrid experienced the unhappiness at not being able to see life as it was and started rejecting her life; eventually encountering ‘beings of light’ coming to her rescue. Being guided by the ‘beings of light’ through teachings and unconditional love, Ingrid regained interest in life and began to see clearly her real purpose.

Ingrid will share how these teachings have shaped the path of her life from her early years as a child, through to becoming Chief of the Marine Biology and Ecology Department in Colombia before moving to the USA; where Ingrid attained her PhD and worked for NASA. Now her single life purpose is to be a servant of God and a ‘Light’ worker encouraging others to reconnect with ‘Light’.

Sister Jayanti will share spiritual wisdom from the teachings of Raja Yoga which support and clarify some of these experiences. She will also be sharing meditation experiences of the self, God and of the home.

Philippa Blackham a BBC radio presenter and documentary maker will be facilitating the conversation.

The Program was translated simultaneously to Spanish, German, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and Tamil.

September 11, 2021 - APPEARANCES, NEWS & MEDIA

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